Carnival Breeze Cruise Episode 6

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By: Mlb Destinations

Hey guys I just uploaded my Carnival Breeze Cruise Episode 6 video on my Youtube page! Please do not forget to subscribe to the Channel for more of my travel content! I have provided a link to the video below! When you visit my Youtube channel next to the subscribe button is a notification bell. If you hit that button it will alert you when I have uploaded new material. In this video we visited the beautiful Carnival Corporation port of Roatan! Mahogany Bay is beautiful and a must see! You will find things for the whole family to enjoy! Shopping, Food, Beach, water sports, a nature trail, volleyball, Beach rentals and more! The island has beautiful lush greenery in the landscaping that adds a beautiful twist to your walk to the beach! This cruise was in January of 2020 before the Covid-19 outbreak! As always thank you for watching!

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