Carnival Victory Cruise Sept 2016 and the new upgrades coming up!

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Carnival Victory Ship in Port of Nassau Bahamas

Our Carnival Victory Cruise September 2016

The Carnival Victory Ship was out first cruise we took with Carnival. We took a 3 day Bahama cruise out of Port Canaveral, FL. Embarkation was FAST! We were very impressed with Carnival and how nice Embarkation was.

The not so good

I can not say that our experience for this cruise was the best I ever had. I always hate to say anything negative about a vacation, but sometimes the shoe fits. If I told you it was amazing, I would be lying to you. If I told you it was OK, then that would be the truth. With that in mind, I also know you have to take the good with the bad and always have a good time regardless.

The things that made our experience not so good was the very strong smell of stale cigarette smoke throughout the ship was not pleasant for us. When we boarded the ship the first thing I noticed was the awful stench of smoke. On top of that, you would not expect for your stateroom to have cigarette smell but ours did. It must have been really poor ventilation.

Our other reason was the dining. The food in my opinion was just not great when we sailed on her, in our opinion, the food was cheap quality and not prepared good. It included the main dining and lido. The service was not the best either which did not make for a very good dining experience. It was just OK. It just was not what you expect from a cruise. I am glad to hear now that it is 3 years later nice things are going to happen to the Carnival Victory ship!

After this sailing, I did not book another Carnival cruise for a long time! It wasn’t until later that I was browsing one of the cruise ship app forums and I saw that there was talk that the Carnival Liberty ship was really good. A couple people were saying that they sail on her every year. I decided to give it a try and in Sept of 2018 we sailed on Carnival Liberty, we had an amazing time! It was excellent! The food was great, the service was great, was not the experience we had in 2016. Soon after that cruise we took the Carnival Breeze, and it was even better! Way to go Carnival!

I see people in cruise forums talk about what ship they were on and how they had a negative experience and therefore they will not cruise again. Trust me, every experience is different, every cruise is different, every staff is different! I am always sure to fill out my survey and voice my situations, because if I do not say anything then nothing can be fixed. I encourage you to fill out your survey if you are unhappy, let your voice be heard, they do listen and it does matter!



The ship was FUN, we did have a great time! It was clean and we enjoyed the comedy shows. We loved the casino! Pictured above is my brother, we played slots often. We also attended the Park West Art Gallery Auction which was really nice. I bought some Art work and got some free champagne. The activities on board were fun and plentiful. The Cruise Director was really fun and informative. The live music was really good.

Our Stateroom

Our Stateroom was a Grand Suite, Room 7298, very nice and roomy. It had a lot of space for storage and a nice big vanity area for dressing. The room was really spacious. It had a good size balcony with a table and two chairs. Here are some photos of the cabin.

Now the Better news!

Carnival Victory Ship is getting a makeover!!

The Carnival Victory Cruise Ship will be getting a $200 million dollar renovation with a new name! She will be named the Carnival Radiance and will have sailings out of Port Canaveral, FL. In this upgrade she will have Guy’s Burger, Guy’s Pig and Anchor BBQ, Blue Iguana Cantina and Bar, Red Frog Bar, Alchemy Bar. A Cherry on Top candy store! The ship is also going to get more cabins and will increase to 2,988 passengers. There will be other renovations and additions that is going to make this ship an awesome time. I can not wait to sail on her again and see all the changes.

Here are some more photos from our trip. Even there was some things about the cruise we did not like, we had a great time! Carnival ships are FUN! The Cruise Line is one of my very favorite lines. I can not wait to try the NEW Carnival Victory that will then be the Carnival Radiance when she is in Port Canaveral in 2020. I will be sure to give you an updated review!

Make sure you check out the new Carnival Radiance when she arrives to Port Canaveral November of 2020. Itineraries can be viewed at

My youtube video on the photos from the Carnival Victory

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