My visit to Elvis Presley’s Guest House at Graceland

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Elvis Presley’s Guest House at Graceland AAA 4 star Hotel

As a child, I always was fascinated by my mother’s Elvis Presley albums in our large 70’s stereo furniture console! I can remember her getting on to me as I would put on the record to listen. She certainly did not want her albums getting scratched by her determined 7 year old. Those were the days for sure! Those same albums, including those scratched now sit in the vinyl box of my middle daughter who loves to keep her grandma’s vintage records! Now days, I can leisurely enjoy Elvis on my SiriusXM in my car by listening to Elvis radio stationed at the Entertainment Complex right in Memphis! If my mom could only be here now she would be amazed!

Visiting Graceland was always something that came to my mind as I got older, in fact, my mother and I always pondered on the fact we should go at some point. Time seems to get in the way and the years suddenly pass, she was sick most time and those visions had faded at some point, although every now and then it would come to mind and we would talk about going but never did. You always think to yourself, ok, maybe next year and so on. I can say that to visit Graceland was certainly on my bucket list. I wanted to go and experience it for sure before my life is over. My mother passed away a few years ago so unfortunately our trip to Graceland together never happened. When she died, my idea to go to Graceland opened again as I searched to hear those tunes that I so remembered us listening to as a child. I searched to hear Elvis sing ” How great thou art”, one of my favorite gospel tunes by him. Listening to it made me feel close to my mother again, it helped heal a void that will perhaps be with me all my life, but somehow it made me feel more at peace with her passing. I suddenly found the urge again that I wanted to visit Graceland, now was the time! I learned after my mother passed away suddenly that life is so very short and while we are here on this earth we need to enjoy it and see what is out there while we can! Now, because later may never come!

I got into the planning mode and shared with my brother and sister my wanting to go. I was not sure if they would be interested in going since I wasn’t sure if they liked Elvis at all. I am 7 years senior to my brother and 6 to my sister. It was a good thing I did not purchase those tickets just yet because to my surprise on my birthday in May, my brother and sister in law surprised me with airline tickets and a reservation to stay at the Guest House at Graceland! We were packing to leave in 2 weeks! It was now a reality! I was so excited! Covid-19 had closed up America for some time, our trip to Graceland was during the first week they had opened back up for tourists. I was not really sure what to expect and it was a little concerning to me that it was so soon after everything just opened, but we went with a strong mind of how we were going to stay safe and went off anyway! I am so glad we did! By far, this, for me, was the most memorable trip I had ever done in my life, I felt my mother’s spirit as I boarded the planes to get to Memphis. I knew she was with me!

Our flight was on board American Airlines out of Melbourne, FL. This was my first flight on American and all went very well! Masks were mandatory on board the flight at all times unless you were eating or drinking. We were in first class service but since Covid they did not provide a meal service, just offered drinks which was fine with us since our flight was short. I noticed that we were not the only ones with our wipes and sanitizer. I seen people had there wipes out, using them on the seats and trays, people were friendly and courteous unlike what I thought would be especially since being inside your house for months could make anyone a little cranky! The flights went well and soon we got to Memphis to enjoy this wonderful 3 night adventure! It was so exciting to be able to share this adventure with my siblings!

Guest House at Graceland

The Guest House at Graceland was very easy to get to from the airport. It is located just a few miles. The drive was very easy! We decided to rent a car while visiting, however, if you want they have a shuttle that is complimentary that will get you from the airport and return you to the airport. The shuttle also runs to the mansion and the entertainment complex. It is complimentary!

The property had wonderful security. The guard gate would check your ID when you first arrived then there after they would check to see your key card. You then had to enter and exit by using your key card. Reminded me a lot of Walt Disney World. Driving up the property, it was an addition of the mansion’s grand entrance and had beautiful lux greenery landscaping. When you walk up to the hotel, it feels like home, it’s elegance draws you in, it’s so inviting and smells wonderful when you walk in the front lobby. The decorated lobby of this AAA 4 star hotel is full of elegance and grace, just like Elvis would have liked. The first thing that stuck out to me was the chairs in shape of Elvis’s capes. The high back furniture, the feel of 70’s decor, the colors of whites and golds mixed with darker color furniture. The ceiling in the center is grand with its sparkling glass crafted to resemble Elvis’s capes. It has soft Elvis music in the back ground that is heard throughout the property. In a weird way, yes it is crazy to say, but you feel as though you are visiting Elvis, like he is there! It has a very peaceful vibe, one I can’t describe. It just has a certain touch about it! The hotel has area for meetings and large gatherings, along with restaurant’s “Delta’s Kitchen” which is named after Elvis’s Aunt Delta, EP’s Bar and Grill, Shake Rattle and Roll which is a coffee shop and there was a lobby bar that offered drinks and light snacks. During our stay due to just returning from Covid shut down, none of those were open except for Shake Rattle and Roll. The hotel also offers a full viewing theater that has a schedule of Elvis films and concerts. There was a gift shop that was opened that had a lot of great Elvis souvenirs or if you would like they had some great Elvis artwork that could be purchased to take home. The outdoor pool was very nice and inviting with modern pool side chairs and sofa’s for your leisure. There was plenty of areas of seating that offered up some cozy fire’s for your enjoyment. The property is absolutely beautiful. They have a Chapel in the Woods that we did not get to see, but I know they have the ability to schedule wedding’s in the Chapel. The hotel offers up many different accommodations with free shuttle to the mansion and Entertainment complex. The guest rooms are very large, clean and inviting! I will link my Youtube video below if you are interested in seeing the property and the rooms! Below I am posting photos I took of the property!

Lobby ceiling
Shake Rattle & Go offers Starbucks coffee and food items!

Our room was a very spacious room, very clean and crisp. I loved the soft color tones with the pops of Hot pink! The room had 2 queen beds, very large spacious bathroom with plentiful towel linens folded below the sink for easy access. A blow dryer, shampoo and other toiletries were available. The room also had desk with chair, end table with lamp that was in between the two beds, 2 sitting chairs and a small table that sat in front of a large window that viewed the courtyard and pool. It had a spacious closet (bright pink inside) that had hangers, a clothes iron and safe. There was a large tv on the console that held storage drawers for clothing or other items. Elvis music played on the tv as we walked in. The artwork on the walls added a touch of Elvis. In the room we had the famous 50’s gold suit and in the bathroom was a photo of one of Elvis’s many cars. We really enjoyed this room! Below are some photo’s I took!

This is the TV in the room which different Elvis Era’s to listen to

The pictures below are the back of the Guest House property where you will find the recreation areas and outdoor seating. It has a very peaceful, southern, elegant charm to it.

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During our stay in Memphis we went to a special BBQ restaurant down the street that was recommended by the gal at the front desk. I forgot to also mention how friendly the staff was at the Guest House! The hospitality was so very nice! We went to a BBQ restaurant called Marlowe’s in Memphis. The restaurant opened in 1974, wow I was 3 years old! It has so much Elvis memorabilia to look at. The owner is a lovely older gentlemen who was more then happy to tell us some great Elvis stories of the past and we really enjoyed our chit chat with him! To our surprise we were seated in the very same booth that Elvis used to dine in while visiting the restaurant, it gave him a great view of the windows so he could see who was coming in and out of the restaurant. The booth sits in the back corner in the bar area of the building. Our waitress shared that information with us when we were seated then it was confirmed again when we were talking with the owner about Elvis and his times he would come in to dine.

We really enjoyed our dining here that we visited the restaurant twice. To be honest, trust me when I say, the BBQ is oh my goodness, really, really GOOD! If you would like they will pick you up in a pink limo to take you to the restaurant and then return you to your hotel. We opted to just drive ourselves since it was a very short drive. There is also a gift shop located in the store that has all kinds of Elvis goodies! If you are in the Memphis area, I highly suggest you take a peek at this fabulous, family owned restaurant! Your taste buds will thank you!

We had an amazing time staying at The Guest House and suggest that if you are planning a trip to Graceland, you must stay at the Guest House! It is really a nice hotel! I can almost feel how proud Elvis would be at what has become of Graceland today!

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