Disney Fantasy Western Caribbean Cruise May 2019

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July 2019 Mlb Destinations

Disney Fantasy docked in Cozumel Mexico

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Disney Cruise Line Terminal Port Canaveral Florida

Embarkation was smooth as always at Port Canaveral. We chose to do the Preferred Parking at Disney Cruise Line for 7 nights. The price was $156.00 for preferred parking and regular parking in the parking garage was $136.00. Preferred parking parks you closer to the building but your car is not in a covered area. The curb service will take your luggage for you from your car. The self Parking is across the street in the parking garage. You will drop your luggage at the curbside before entering the parking garage on self parking. Elevators and stairs are available to take you to the first floor.


Boarding the Fantasy ship was amazing just like it is on all Disney Cruise Line ships. The feeling of welcome as you enter this massive beauty is overwhelming excitement. I love how you are welcomed on board. The cheers of welcome from the crew is amazing. The smell of the ship is inviting and the view of the Atrium is stunning. Here are some photos of the Atrium that I took!

The one thing that really stood out to me on this ship was her beautiful lighting! Really really beautiful! It catches your eye when you walk in” ~Michelle

The 3 deck Atrium was so beautiful with the dark blue, cream and light green peacock design on the carpet, gorgeous grand stair case with royal blue carpet. The tall columns were bright gold. The panels that boarder each deck had gold characters and scrolling of art throughout. The floors just shine! The beautiful Minnie statue in the Atrium completes this elegant view!


Disney Cruise Line has 3 rotational main dining rooms on all the ships in the fleet. On the Disney Fantasy ship there was Enchanted Garden, Royal Court and Animators Palate. All three restaurants had wonderful food and the service team we had which were Cindy Joseph, our head server, Joel Dsa, our Server and our assistant server Nery Esquivel Zaldivar, gave us fabulous service all week. Your service team that is assigned to you will follow you to each dining venue each night that you are assigned to. Each dining night your head server will greet your table and ask how your day was, tell you some upcoming tips or announcements for your next port of call or sea day. Your head server will also be sure to let you know that they are there to give you exceptional service and if there are any issues to bring it to the attention. Your assistant server will assist you in any bar drinks or other beverages you may need to assist the Server.

Enchanted Garden Restaurant

My brother Jerry (left) My daughter Miranda (center) and myself

The Enchanted Garden is a beautiful fairy tale restaurant on board the Disney Fantasy ship. Her soft green table linens match the beautiful green scrolling that accents the columns in the restaurant. The restaurant goes from Day to night as you dine with the flower light covers opening as the room changes. The lights in the ceilings will change different colors from blue to pink and purple. The menu gives a variety of cuisine from chicken to seafood and more. The Enchanted Garden was a delightful dining experience! We were able to dine in each of the three beautiful restaurants more then once on our 7 night voyage due to the rotational dining Disney Cruise Line offers. Each restaurant had available a different menu each night we dined. We enjoyed all of them! Below are photos of dishes from Enchanted Garden Restaurant. Food was amazing!!

Royal Court Restaurant

The Royal Court Restaurant was my very favorite restaurants out of the three restaurants on board. I was lucky to have the majority of my dining nights in this restaurant. It is beautiful with the red and gold carpets, light color columns and ceilings with trims of rich gold. The lighting in this restaurant was just beautiful and added an elegant touch to the eye. The lighting sitting on the lower columns sat inside the gold Royal pumpkin coaches. So beautiful and elegant! The French cuisine in this restaurant was amazing! The artwork in the back of the restaurant where we sat was made of tiny glass and featured Jasmine and Aladdin on the magic carpet. I have noticed that Disney ships have a variety of different art made with tiny glass. So beautiful! Below are some of my food dishes from the Royal Court, all were very good except for the poor quality beef dish that I got on Pirate night, it was not good, very bad cut of meat, flavor not good, tough and could not cut it. The only one food item that was not good. Everything else made up for it and was honestly amazing!

Artwork made of tiny glass

Animators Palate

Animator’s Palate on board the Disney Fantasy ship was a bright and cheery dining experience. It is a room that is filled with folks who draw there own cartoon character and then everyone has their drawing in a showtime spectacular that is shown on the screens for everyone to enjoy at the end of the dining experience. It was amazing. I have shots of it in my Disney Fantasy Vlog series that is up on Youtube. It is a restaurant that has chairs made of Mickey Mouse, columns that are pencils and paint brushes. The ceilings are lighted in beautiful paint colors for any artist at heart to love. The movie screens that are located all over the dining area to allow all to view has a special interactive Crush experience that is bound to give you a good laugh. Crush interacts with the audience! All this entertainment while you feast on some amazing Disney Cruise Line dishes. Below are some of my photos of dishes we had. All of our food was really good! My favorite dish is the Black Truffle Pasta!

Adult Dining on Board Disney Fantasy

Palo Menu

Although I was unable to dine in the Adult restaurants, I did manage to go in while they were closed and take some shots of each restaurant. Please be noted that they were Closed and that is why the tables were not completely dressed.

Remy Menu

Disney Cruise Line offers adult only dining dining experience on board for an extra charge per person. Palo and Remy both are beautiful dining venues on board the beautiful Fantasy ship and will provide impeccable dining service, delicious food and outstanding views. Reservations prior to sailing strongly advised since they book quickly. There is also a Sea day brunch available for reservation too for an extra charge. These restaurants are so beautiful and elegant, there is also a sitting lounge that is connected in the middle of the two restaurants to offer you a relaxing place to sit and have a cocktail if waiting for your table or perhaps just to come in to socially have a drink. Outside seating was available also. I have a Youtube Vlog that shows you these venues that is linked below.

Cabana’s Lido Buffet Dining

Cabana’s is located in the Aft of the ship on the Lido deck area. It is a beautiful large casual dining experience which offers a lot of indoor and outdoor seating. The island decor is tropical themed and features beautiful colors and palm trees. The outdoor seating is one of my favorite areas to be on in the morning for breakfast. The Aft views are amazing and peaceful in the morning. Cabana’s is open for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner. Dinner was not available on the first sailing night of our sailing but I was told every night after that would have dinner. We ate in Cabana’s for breakfast and lunch every day of our sailing. We enjoyed it. The ship does offer sit down restaurant dining for Breakfast and Lunch but we did not do the sit down. I have added some photos below to show you some of my Cabana’s food we had during our sailing.

Other Food options

The lido has food options for quick bite located on deck 11. Flo’s Cafe offers 3 different options. Tow Mater has hot dogs, burgers etc., Luigi’s Pizza has a variety of pizza including cheese, veggie, pepperoni and more. Fillmore’s section will have sandwiches, wraps, fruits and salads. Cove Cafe is in the adult section and will offer up specialty coffee and small eats. On deck 4 you find Vista Cafe that has specialty coffee, mini bites and other teas and beverages. Eye Scream has your favorite soft serve ice cream and are open late on the lido deck. Also on the lido deck you will find the sweet shop Sweet on You which offers a variety of sweet tooth treats for an extra charge. Room service is also available and has a variety of items to choose. Trust me it has the best mac n cheese, just saying! Buena Vista Theater has a snack bar too by the theater to offer alcohol beverages, soda, water, candy, popcorn and other items. The adult section on board Deck 4 will have a late night snack buffet for adults only.

The Walt Disney Theater

The Walt Disney Theater offers live broadway shows that are really good! The shows are offered twice in the evening to accommodate both dining times. The scheduled shows will be presented on the sign outside the theater or in the online Navigator on your App along with times.

The Buena Vista Theater

The Buena Vista Theater is a large movie theater that features Disney’s first run movies. Be sure to check out a show! It is on Deck 4

Entertainment, Pools and Sports Recreation

Disney Fantasy has a variety of entertainment and recreation to keep you busy during your journey to paradise. The daily schedule can be found on your Disney Cruise Line App along with a variety of other information. No need for anymore paper in your stateroom delivered with the convenience of the app right at your fingertips on your smart phone. Be sure to download the Disney Cruise Line App to your phone prior to sailing. On the schedule you find game shows, schedules for kids, bingo, cooking demos etc. Some of the sports recreation on the ship is a putt putt mini golf coarse, foosball, ping pong, basketball. The ship has an adult pool in the adult section that offers a swim up bar with seating and hot tubs. The main lido deck has Mickeys slide along with Mickey’s pool and a main larger pool. Fresh Towels and Life Vests are available on deck. Life guards are on duty while the pools are open. The ship has a wide selection of seating and loungers to enjoy during the day or to enjoy a movie outside under the stars while your children swim. You will also find hair braiding on deck available for extra charge. You will also find souvenir kiosks.

Adult Bars

The Disney Fantasy ship has an all exclusive Europa adult area to the ship on Deck 4 that is really amazing. I had my young daughter on this trip and was not actually able to experience the night life but since I was able to walk through and view these fine places on the ship, I can only image how awesome they have to be for adults! Trust me folks, Disney is not just for children, they have great adult night life with lounges and adult comedy available. You will find outdoor bars and lounges on board too.

The Europa section on deck 4 featured some really nice adult lounges. O’Gills Pub was a very nice Irish pub that had a few tv screens available for sports viewing. A nice casual area for sitting and playing board games if you wish. The pub offered several different board games for use while having your favorite brew.

Skyline Lounge offered a very cozy bar setting with a fireplace setting and night time views on large LCD screens of different city views including Hong Kong, New York, London and Barcelona.

Ooh La La was a beautiful and romantically elegant champagne lounge. A pianist is there to give you some live entertainment. A really nice setting for a few friends or a romantic date.

La Piazza was an Italian Festive themed Carosello bar that was really nice. They have a small late night buffet available for adults only.

The Tube was a London inspired lounge that was really cool! I have these lounges located in my Fantasy ship vlogs so check them out! There is certainly a lot of great things for adults to do on board the Disney Fantasy.


Shopping is plentiful on Disney Fantasy. The ship offers duty free shops that carry fashion items, clothing, souvenirs, personal items, toiletries, Disney Cruise Line merchandise, Fine Art and other collectibles and jewelry. Mickey’s Mainsail, White Caps ,Sea Treasures and Bvlgari jewelry you will find on Deck 3. Tiffany & Co is on Deck 4. You will also find on deck 11 Whozits & Whatzits that offers anything you would need for the sun deck from bathed suits, flip flops, cover ups, sun screen etc. Vista Art Gallery is located on Deck 2 where you can view artwork that is sold in White Caps on board.

Remember that the ship also offers great entertainment for all ages of children to keep them busy so adults can have a night life. Nursery, Oceaneer Club, Edge and Vibe are available!

Shutters Portrait

Shutters on Deck 4 has multiple kiosk stations for your portrait viewing and purchase. Be sure to get all those portraits ordered by the night before your cruise ending to ensure they will be ready for pick up in time before debarkation. You can stop by anytime to view your photos by using your room card to find your account.


We chose to do the express Debark, we were instructed to go to Deck 4 by 7 am. The wait was about 30 minutes for us to actually get off. It was not a bad wait. Port Canaveral was easy as usual to get though the process. We had an amazing time on board the Disney Fantasy ship! It was so worth the money spent for the impeccable service we got, really good food, great shows and an amazing state room hostess that kept our room fresh, cleaned and well stocked with everything we needed throughout our journey to the Western Caribbean. I highly suggest a Disney Cruise for you and your family! My cruise Vlogs are located on Youtube on my channel Mlb Destinations, check them out! Remember to like and subscribe for more of my content! Follow me on my other social media too! Follow me on this website to know when I upload new material!