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The first two photos above is my hometown which is located in a small town in the eastern part of Florida. I love the nearby river and the views allow for some nice photos!

I love Hot Tea any day but especially on rainy day, a day I may not be feeling well or if I just need an afternoon pick me up, who doesn’t like a nice cup of Hot Tea? I purchased the tea pot in the picture above at the United Kingdom World Showcase at Epcot Park in Orlando, FL. It is one of my favorite tea pots I own. Walt Disney World is another thing I love, everything that Disney has to offer. I am so blessed to be living only 2 hrs away from Walt Disney World where I can have the leisure of visiting often if I wish. My love for Disney goes beyond the Parks, the resorts, the cruise line, it is all such a great enjoyment of mine to spend with my family!

I honestly love any travel! It allows me to be able to see other places and people in this world, my most favorite travel is cruising! I have a big passion for cruising. I love Cruise ships! They are so mesmerizing to me! I could honestly just sit at the dock and watch Cruise ships come in and out! What makes cruising so fun is you not only get to see some of the most beautiful places in the world but you have such an amazing vessel to explore and people to meet from all over the world! That makes for a great time!

I am a Youtube creator, my channel is called “Mlb Destinations”, MLB is my initials in case you’re wondering. Please consider subscribing to the channel by hitting the subscribe button, its free! Hit the notification bell also if you would like to be notified of when I upload new material! I hope that my travel adventures will help you and your family plan your next adventure!


~Don’t forget to love one another, live life now not later, tomorrow is NOT promised, be the best you can be and blessings to you and yours!~

Always ~Michelle

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