Have you ever taken a cruise vacation? If you have not, here is why you should.

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I never imagined myself being addicted to cruising, in fact, I always said I would never cruise. It was never something that I saw myself being interested in. It was something I never even dreamed of. That was until my brother convinced me to take my very first cruise. I was going to learn real quick how wrong I was.

I took my first cruise back in September of 2015, my thoughts about cruising totally changed after I took my first sailing. I remember being so nervous about getting sea sick, so many things would go through my mind. I would go online and read reviews. I would just search and search for information about cruising. My sail date arrives and as I arrive at the port, I was so mesmerized by the massiveness of the ship, the beauty of her as we were pulling into the port. Wow what a site!

The Grand Staircase in the Atrium of the Disney Dream Ship

The Disney Dream Ship was the first ship I had ever sailed on. I had never seen something so massive. Massive that actually floats on water. I remember my first feeling of walking up the gangway to enter. It was a feeling I had never felt before. It was awesome. There was something so inviting. The fun was there from the moment I stepped on. The crew announced our family name as we boarded. The magic of Disney was on water also. I could not help but look around as I boarded the ship. The beauty of the atrium, all the shiny gold trims, the classiness of the decor, people going here and there, everyone with a plan. You just want to stop and just look, soak it in. To me, there is nothing more exciting than cruising. There are so many great reasons why cruising is an amazing vacation.

Somewhere in the deep blue sea

~Cruises are for any occasion~

Cruises are fun for the entire family! You will find loads of family fun. If you rather, you can take your special someone and have a very romantic cruise, or perhaps take a cruise alone. Singles have great options to meet other cruisers while sailing solo.

If it is a family cruise that you have in mind, the kids will have plenty to do. Kids activities are great in the children areas on board the ships. Most all ships have an area for infants all the way up to older teens. These areas are nice to have available so your children have somewhere to spend time keeping busy and meeting new friends while the adults do adult things. You and your mate might like to have an adult dinner or perhaps go to a show, bar or comedy club. With cruising, most everything is included in your price. There are of coarse offerings which may be at additional charge. So many options on board to bring the family together is what makes cruising unique. Various entertainment, game shows, theaters, sports activities, pools, water slides, the list goes on.

If you are a solo cruiser you will be likely to meet new people on a cruise. Your table seating at dinner will sit you with other people to meet and get to know. If you sail on Norwegian Cruise Line, the Studio staterooms are designed for solo passengers and offer a singles lounge where single passengers can meet other singles. The adult itineraries, shows, bars is always an opportunity to meet others as well.

If it is a romantic sailing is what you are looking for, you got it, the adult retreats are really nice on cruise ships. There is always a spot to sit alone somewhere or take a long walk together around the ship. In the evening you can take a walk and look at the moon light over the water which is beautiful. You can book spa, couple massages or have a bottle of wine with some chocolates sent to your room for a quiet night in. You can also request with the Maitre D when you first board the ship for a table for 2 if you would prefer to have a nice private dinner. Most ships have specialty restaurants that will offer a quiet romantic area for couples. There are numerous of things you can do to have a romantic, fun time on a cruise ship.

Specialty restaurant on The Carnival Liberty

On a cruise you will have a variety of things to do. There are scheduled activities and shows that will be in your cruise compass given to you at turn down in your stateroom. It will provide you with the next port of call information, weather, activities, times and locations.

Sports, movies, live theater shows, bars, shopping, spa, fine dining, casual dining, casino, portrait studio, library with board games and books, children activities, specialty coffee shop, Art Gallery and auctions, live game shows all in one vacation. The endless services that are available, the staff works extremely hard to make sure you are happy. Most everything is complimentary however some services, game rooms, bar drinks and specialty restaurants are optional and have an additional charge.

My girls playing basketball

You can never go hungry on a cruise. The dining is various and is available up until late hours of the evening and for some ships you even have 24 hr room service dining available along with soft serve ice cream stations.

You can also get as many photos taken that you desire. Main dining will have photo opportunity, various places around the ship, and most cruise lines will have photo props ready when you arrive at your port destination. Your photos will be available for viewing and options for purchase during your entire cruise in the photo area on board the ship. You can usually find a variety of different frames and other photo items for purchase also.

Port of Call

With a cruise vacation, you not only get all of the variety of things to do on board, fantastic dining and several dining options, kids activities etc, you also get to see some amazing places. Going to different ports is always exciting, seeing the different cultures and learning about the history. Since you only have so much time at each port, it leaves things to do for your next arrival to that port on your next cruise. You could go a bunch of times and still be able to find something to do or explore. I never mind going to some ports over and over because I always find things to do that I have not done. If it is not a port I care about, I am all for staying on board and exploring the ship!

Cruise excursions are always available for you to book also and offer different experiences for your trip. You can book excursions prior to sailing on your online cruise account. If you rather, you can also just get off the ship and explore the port on your own, have some lunch, shop in the local shops. The options are endless and you can just relax and enjoy your day doing what you want. On a cruise your free to do what you want when you want! Your on vacation right? Who doesn’t want to go see some of the most beautiful destinations in the world, eat fine dining, enjoy great entertainment, enjoy a nice tropical drink or take a dip in the pool or hot tub? Sounds good to me!

Ships in port Nassau Bahamas

At your service!

No matter what you want in a cruise, you will have a fantastic vacation, yes it is a vacation. You do not have to worry about entertaining the kids, going to the store getting food and cooking, babysitting for the children. You are on vacation, a true vacation where you do nothing but have a relaxing fun experience, a clean stateroom in the day and evening turn down at night. What is better than that?

My turn down animal made by our stateroom host on board the Disney Wonder ship

I encourage you to take your family on a cruise. The memories that you can make are endless and I do not think you will regret it!

~ Michelle

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