A note to my internet friends

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Rest In Peace Justin

March 9, 2022

I wanted to come on here and give an update to why my work is so behind. I was really good about keeping up with my trips and posting. I am so behind and I apologize. Every day I have been trying to find the time to come on and update. I took an Alaska sailing in August of 2022 and had a beautiful sailing. It was the sailing of a lifetime, a bucket list sailing. I got off of that sailing to find out that my beloved son was murdered just hours of my getting on my flight to come home. It has been a terrible time for myself and my family. We went through our first Thanksgiving, Christmas and his January birthday without him. The pain is the most unbearable pain that I have ever felt as a human being. I am trying to get back to normal, slowly but surely. Thankfully, I am blessed to be able to have continued to travel. Travel allows me the time to reflect on my life both past, present and future, enjoy life and family. My cruises have helped my mind and gives me moments to sit with God while listening to the ocean. A time to reflect and gather thoughts.

Please forgive me if I have delayed messages and travel information. I am trying to get those messages returned. I certainly appreciate those of you who have subscribed to my Youtube Channel and I will be back to uploading videos soon. I am working on work from April of 2021 right now. Thank you again for those of you who have supported my channel!

Blessings to you and yours


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